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The full day event, beginning at 6:00pm UTC, will feature performances and NFT drops by electronic music artists including Ookay, SNBRN, Fred Thurst aka Dr. Fresch, Autograf, Win and Woo and a live broadcast from Autograf’s studio in Los Angeles


(Los Angeles) — As part of the official Decentraland Art Week, NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, respected for its collaborations with NFT artists Sabet and Gary Cartlidge, has partnered with NFT curator Illumino and Metaverse & creative agency BEAR NFT to produce the “TO THE MOON” Music & Art Festival at 6:00pm UTC on Sunday July 11, 2021. The event will feature musical performances by noted electronic music acts including Ookay, SNBRN, Fred Thurst aka Dr. Fresch, Autograf, and Win and Woo, and will be broadcast live from Autograf’s studio in Los Angeles into Decentraland at the KnownOrigin Headquarters (located at 58, 94).


This will be the 1st ever live broadcast multi-artist music and arts festival in Decentraland featuring wearables and NFT drops scored by the performers themselves. Decentraland is a booming metaverse and virtual hangout space for crypto and NFT enthusiasts and the global community. In Decentraland, a virtual social world powered by the Ethereum blockchain, users can explore LAND owned by fellow users, featuring customized structures like mansions, art galleries and casinos, as well as experiential designs like space adventures and medieval dungeon mazes, all crafted from the minds of community members. Users can buy and sell LAND, avatar wearables and other paraphernalia using Decentraland’s cryptocurrency, MANA.


Alongside the performances, the event will also be highlighted by a collection of NFTs created by BEAR NFT’s sister company Confidential Creative, made in conjunction with Illumino and featuring original music by the performing artists. The exclusive collection will be on display in a special wing of the virtual gallery within KnownOrigin Headquarters in Decentraland (located at 58,94). Confidential Creative is known for its previous animated music videos and collaborations with musicians including Maroon 5, Journey, and Louis The Child.


Fans who attend the festival will have an opportunity to receive a POAP (proof of attendance protocol), or virtual token, that they can show off in their Decentraland profile. In addition, a selection of four exclusive wearables designed for the festival, including a bomber jacket and hat, will be available for attendees to purchase and use to accessorize their avatar characters in Decentraland.


“We are so thrilled to be producing our first ever live virtual festival in Decentraland with our friends at KnownOrigin and Illumino,” shared BEAR NFT co-founder Ryan Kieffer. “This is going to be a historic and fun event, and attendees are going to love the performances, NFT drops, and wearables we have planned to drop.”


“When we originally conceptualized the To The Moon festival, we realized the possibilities were endless to build something special in The Metaverse,” continued Matt Carlucci, Manager at Keel and one of the “To The Moon” festival producers. “We are excited to be creating something multifaceted that will surely give the people inside Decentraland an experience to talk about and remember. The Metaverse is truly the future and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of bringing these real life festival experiences into the digital space.”


“It’s a beautiful thing to see the music & crypto worlds collide in such a unique way,” added Win and Woo, one of the performing musical artists. “Electronic music & tech have always intertwined so it just makes sense as a next step to be able to attend a music festival with your friends regardless of where you exist IRL.  By creating a new world on the blockchain we’re making ours smaller in a way and that’s a really awesome thing to think about. We’re excited to be a part of the first one.


For more information, follow the BEAR NFT artist page on KnownOrigin ( ) and follow BEAR NFT on instagram (@BEARNFT_) and twitter (@BEARNFT). The event will take place into Decentraland at the KnownOrigin Headquarters (located at 58, 94), which you can reach directly by clicking here: 



About KnownOrigin


David Moore, Andy Gray and James Morgan are the co-founders of one the earliest and fastest growing Ethereum art platforms within Web 3.0, empowering artists with a platform to showcase and sell their work securely supported with a public blockchain solution. A little over 2 years ago they launched KnownOrigin with a POP-up gallery event in Manchester. They now have 2500+ artists on the platform, over 10k editions and more than 18k digital artworks sold totaling over 6,000 ETH in sales to date. KnownOrigin is an artist-driven platform that makes it easy for digital creators to authenticate, showcase and sell the artwork they produce. They empower digital creatives the world over to monetize their craft and to engage with their fan base and collectors on a meaningful, transparent and fair basis. KnownOrigin’s goal is to build and deliver a community run and owned platform, empowering artists and collectors by providing a core pillar for the future of Web 3.0. 


About Illumino


Illumino is a collective of tastemakers helping artists create and collaborate in the digital art world. Illumino was founded by crypto experts, tastemakers, and artists with the goal of bringing highly elevated art on-chain. Our mission is to push the boundaries and possibilities in digital art while working with the best in the world to do so. We believe NFTs are the future of art, music, and culture. Recent Illumino drops include collaborations Two Feet, Fewocious and Quentin Deronzier 




BEAR NFT is led by a cutting edge collective that has been working at the intersection of art and technology for many years. Our team of founders are experts in areas including the blockchain space, IP development, live action/animated production, and marketing/promotion, which makes us a strong partner in this booming industry. We offer a full service solution to enable our clients’ success in the rapidly expanding blockchain artwork space through a 4-phase development and release strategy: Art Strategy, Art Production, Distribution/Minting, and PR/Marketing/Metaverse strategy. BEAR NFT often collaborates with its sister company, Confidential Creative, known for its animated music videos and collaborations with Journey, Maroon 5, Louis The Child, Brownies & Lemonade.

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