Law & Order actor Christopher Meloni in NFTland.

The star of Law and Order Christopher Meloni has been busy during the pandemic. With a full cast, he decided to make a short filmed called “Out” with Brian Taylor that will auction the full copyright’s in NFT format. The buyer will get full rights and provenance to the token that will be auctioned off […]

Anthony Hopkins in NFT history.

A new NFT Platform is in town, and it’s called Vuele. In production with Enderby Entertainment, they will release the next movie featuring Anthony Hopkins called Zero Contact in NFT format. In conjunction with the launch of Vuele, which describes itself as a viewing and distribution platform, in partnership with fintech firm CurrencyWorks. The movie […]

Mark Bland & LaLa Contemporary

MagNFT Studio Presents Interview at LaLaGallery with Mark Bland Wednesday, July 14th – 3pm MagNFT will be on location, at the LaLa Contemporary Art Gallery to interview Maria, Gallery Director, and the featured artist Mark Bland. As more and more artists enter the NFTsphere, many questions how technology and traditional art mediums can be integrated. When we add […]