MagNFT becomes a quartely edition

What a journey since our first issue published on December 3rd, 2019. Since, we went from a bi-weekly issue, then monthly and we now a new quarterly MagNFT bible.

When MagNFT was created, we had mainly focused our features on the NFT Art scene. Being a small community, we had quickly moved to a monthly publication with the limited content of the times. Since the start of the year, the NFT ecosystem is without a doubt on another level. Several traditional brands, from several different markets, are actively adopting this technology. Let it be Chrysties auction with Beeple in Arts, NBA TopShot in sports to Atari with ZRun in gaming, the opportunities for collectors, users, gamers, investors, and an entire industry is only at its infancy. 

MagNFT will now cover the entire NFTsphere, with the same curative quality you expect. Our physical publications will be available in our new and improved online shop. You’ll be able to easily purchase the latest issue, and all previous physical issues published by MagNFT. We have also finally integrated a web3 payment solution. Remember, we ship worldwide!


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