Javier Zanetti & StadioPlus Platform

Football legend Javier Zanetti launches his first NFT collection on the StadioPlus platform to support the Fundación PUPI

The well-known digital artist Javier Arrés has created two exclusive and unique works that will be the first launch of the StadioPlus platform.


July 7th, 2021. The legend of the Argentine national team and captain of the historic treble of Inter Milan, Javier Zanetti, launches his NFT digital collection. In this case, he will secure his endeavor collaborating with the digital artist Javier Arrés, who will be in charge of turning into a piece of art an iconic moment in the career of the former Inter Milan player on the StadioPlus platform.


Thus, the collection ‘Zanetti by Arres’ will feature two exclusive and unique pieces valued at $10,000 and $25,000 respectively, and which will be available through www.StadioPlus.com. The NFTs include his voice record at the exciting moment when he won the treble with Inter Milan in 2010 and, in addition, his signature immortalized. “When StadioPlus suggested immortalizing in NFT such a special moment as the treble with Inter Milan, the idea sounded really great and innovative. The truth is that I had read something but still had a vague idea of the digital art world and the endless opportunities it offers. So it seemed like an exceptional opportunity to explore the unfamiliar world, “explains Javier Zanetti, who will donate all proceeds from the sale to the Fundación PUPI, in order to keep assisting the most disadvantaged children in Argentina.


Javier Arrés is highly respected in the world of digital art. His work made him set the tone in the European NFT market and enter into TOP 20 in his field worldwide with sales above $1,000,000. The artist acknowledges that “sport and art always fit together well. For example, the Discobolus, the famous sculpture of Myron, is a sports art, it was widespread in ancient Greece and so it has evolved throughout history. Sport is a vital part of humanity and also a physical expression full of meanings, glory, defeat, effort… It’s a splendid opportunity for me and I enjoy being part of it.”


“We truly believe that the launch of the ‘Zanetti by Arres’ collection is a great offer for collectors and sports fans. According to the market, due to the extraordinary artistic nature and its sports value, these pieces of art will definitely be reevaluated in the future. From the very beginning a collection like this, which unites an artistic talent such as that of Javier Arrés and a football legend such as Javier Zanetti, is a winning bet.”, says Jon Fatelevich, StadioPlus CEO.


This way, two emblematic figures such as Zanetti and Arrés become the first ‘drop’ of StadioPlus, whose co-founder is another legend of the Argentine national team, but in this case of basketball, Luis Scola. The former NBA player said he was “fully pleased that two global icons are teaming up for the first launch of StadioPlus, a demonstration that we are on the right track with our NFT platform. Uniting talent, quality, and international vision are going to set the course for us as a company.”



About StadioPlus

StadioPlus is the NFT platform founded by  Luis Scola, the Argentina national team captain and former NBA, Jon Fatelevich, a serial entrepreneur and investor, Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez and Juan Crespo Ruiz-Huerta, lawyers, as well as David Ortega, a blockchain specialist. Since its inception, the platform has been connecting prestigious athletes with famous artists from the digital art world, thus creating exclusive pieces of art with collecting or investment value.


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