Mark Bland & LaLa Contemporary

MagNFT Studio Presents

Interview at LaLaGallery with Mark Bland
Wednesday, July 14th – 3pm

MagNFT will be on location, at the LaLa Contemporary Art Gallery to interview Maria, Gallery Director, and the featured artist Mark Bland.

As more and more artists enter the NFTsphere, many questions how technology and traditional art mediums can be integrated. When we add traditional viewing in a gallery into the mix, too much uncertainty refrains their ambitions.

LaLa Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto and Canadian Artist Mark Bland have united together in adventuring into Blockchain technologies. For any gallery, the challenge of acquiring serious collectors to their venues can be challenging in the traditional markets. Will be inquiring during the interview with Gallery Director Maria why they decided to venture into NFT’s. The gallery featured showing, Mark Bland introduces Fractal Totems, a combination of NFT Art with a physical printout.

Fractal Totems: A series of 13 totemic portraits created through a mix of fractal-based generative software and hands-on sculptural processes. Each Totem is an abstract compositional layering of fractal equations and mathematical modifiers that are sculpted into form and brought to life by the artist. Fractal math is thought to be the language of the natural world and Totems generally depict elements of nature with a spiritual level of respect and reverence. This series attempts to explore the relationship between these concepts using Totems as reflections of the vocabulary of fractal math, nature and the colors, figures, shapes and structures within.

You can view his NFT work on Foundation here:

Visit his website for a full bio and portfolio of Mark’s work:

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