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Date: July 13, 2021


Hello, friends on Earth. My name is Miguel. I’m a techno-biologist on the Crew of Genesis 721, on Planet Avastar. I’m sending this message in hopes that you will help us with our final directive of Generation 1: Project Terminus. 

As you know, our mission on Planet Avastar was to have Teleporter Engineers choose and send us a diverse mix of Avastar Prime beings, to populate this new and wondrous planet. However, the genetic material derived during the teleportation process only remains viable for so long. It will expire within the next 14 days. As such, the time has come to complete our first generation.

We are powering up the teleporters, and setting them to Steady Teleport, effective immediately. This is a setting we reserved for Project Terminus, as it will consume the rest of the power available, and retire this batch of teleportation modules. 

During this time, we welcome and encourage everyone to participate in closing out this momentous, and prosperous generation by teleporting their last selection of Avastar Primes. Steady Teleport does NOT prohibit others in the community from teleporting. When we landed on Planet Avastar, upon waking from cryogenic sleep, we couldn’t exit the ship. But then, together, we all loosened several hatches, and made it out just fine. Teamwork is the best way forward.

Although Avastars Corp. will be facilitating the steady teleportation sequence, Avastar Primes teleported in this manner will be distributed without expense, except for gas fees at time of transfer, to new sponsors. This will be done in a manner congruent with our consistent goal of community engagement and growth, via empathy and kinship. Further details regarding the new sponsors will be revealed at the end of teleportation. 

While this generation is coming to a close, this is also a new beginning for REPLICANTS. The REPLICANT FACTORY is currently being constructed, at an undisclosed location on planet Earth. Upon its’ completion, you will be able to choose any 12 trait copies (built into all Avastar Primes) from any 2-5 of your Avastar Primes, Male or Female, and use an Avastar Replicant Token (ART) to create an Avastar Replicant. This process will be at no expense to you, our community, other than gas fees. This will be your next mission. Details to come once G1 has been completed.

In conclusion, the Adventurous Astronaut crew of Genesis 721 send their sincerest thanks and appreciation to you, the Avastars Community. It is only with your help that we can form this stellar new world, together. Good luck, and keep a watchful eye on the sky…



Feel free to contact us in Discord with questions. Our team is happy to help. For more info on the Avastar Replicant Token, read this article.

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