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Payments in ETH & Credit Card available.

MagNFT Quarterly Edition

1st Quarterly MagNFT Edition available in August 2021.

MagNFT Studio Badge

Your MagNFT Studio Membership will grant you access to hidden channels in our server, promotional offers, exclusive events, podcast, NFT giveaways, exclusive pre-launch curated projects, cryptovoxels gallery and much more.  Recognized as a strong supporting community, it’s a great place to start networking with key players in the game.

MagNFT Consulting Badge

Your consulting team to the NFTsphere. This badge is for serious artists and collectors integrating this new ecosystem. Exclusive access to consulting services with the entire MagNFT team. Recognized as pioneers of the space, these badges are and have been held by recognizable names like Whaleshark and top 50 Forbes top NFT influencer, J1mmy. 

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